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COMMUSICATION is now also available as paperback.
About the Book

As the name suggests, COMMUSICATION deals with the influence of sound and music used for communication – from the sounds that helps us navigate through our daily lives, to the systematic development of Sound Identities for companies and brands.

Aimed primarily at the marketing and business community, the book is written in an easy-to-read, entertaining style that may also make it appealing to a wider audience.

Sound Branding is currently an international buzzword. COMMUSICATION tells of the rapidly increasing significance of music in modern brand communications. In the age of multisensory communication, John Groves examines music as a powerful tool for influencing emotions, thoughts and behaviour. What’s more, he reveals his structured system for creating and managing Sound Identities. The book is a must-read for marketing managers, brand managers, advertising people, and students, as well as musicians and music consultants.

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The book is published by Oak Tree Press, Cork, Ireland. ISBN 978 1 78119 000 5 (Hardback) ISBN 978 1 78119 001 2 (ePub) ISBN 978 1 78119 002 9 (Kindle).